Manu Skinner: Dani and Me

Dale Dani, give him stronger! – The words came out broken out of my mouth because of a few moans that were impossible to repress – oh yes! Yes, yes, give me more, to the bottom, push! Push more Dani! I want more! Aaaaaaaah! "Expect, I guess I’ll have to start with the beginning of the story.He had not seen Dani for months, our work and class schedules were incompatible and we had it more than assumed. The text messages that we sent were little but sufficient to know each other. Our relationship was not those of spending the whole day talking either to see us a lot, but when we were taking the opportunity to catch up everything and that day it was no less. We talk about classes, work, parents, friends, couples and endless trivia; Until at a certain point the conversation led to when one day I told him that sometimes he sent photos a little climbs some people and asked me to taught them. Unusual as I am I taught them without any tapujo, seeing me as I came to the world, from any possible angle and in any position that my flexibility allowed me to go by as a while while I saw them and reveled again and again, turned my head to see them From another perspective and we commented while expanding them and walked away. But this time he asked me to teach him some of the videos he knew had done to me and when he said he had none because he had erased them, he told me that if he ever made me again, he had to teach him the next time we had We see.

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